TransAmerica Trail – Day 6

Dunlap TN to Counce TN We got up early and topped off the gas, it was $2.51 gallon, but I didn’t trust the pump.  Kind of fishy when it reads nearly 10 cents and you haven’t put the nozzle in the tank yet!   I had driven less than 75 miles and it took over 7 … Read more

TransAmerica Trail – Day 7

Counce TN to Enid MS Today marks one week since we left the Outer Banks on the and today we made it into Mississippi, our 7th state since leaving home.  The sunrise over the Tennessee river this morning was beautiful but we weren’t ready to eat breakfast and headed south over the Pickwick Dam and … Read more

TransAmerica Trail – Day 9

BeeBee AR to White Mtn NF AR Best day yet! We got up at 6am and grabbed a quick bite at McDonald’s for breakfast before hopping back on the trail. We were barely out of Beebe before getting back to gravel. Aired down the tires and they stayed like that all day. The first highlight … Read more