TransAmerica Trail – Day 6

Dunlap TN to Counce TN

We got up early and topped off the gas, it was $2.51 gallon, but I didn’t trust the pump.  Kind of fishy when it reads nearly 10 cents and you haven’t put the nozzle in the tank yet!   I had driven less than 75 miles and it took over 7 gallons!    I’ve never gotten that bad of mileage. Hmmm

About 20 miles down the road stopped at Savage Falls Rec Area to cook breakfast, bacon, eggs, and potatoes… yummy.  The park seemed to cater to hikers and had really nice restrooms so we took advantage to get cleaned up. 

We’re going to need to clean the Jeep soon it’s all dust inside from the dry dirt roads and smells like shoes! The glamorous side of overland travel!

Today was a slow photo day, mostly farmland with cows, a lot of sheep, and for some reason a lot of donkeys.  It was mostly country two lanes and a little dirt.  We traveled about 200 miles today although I haven’t been checking that daily.  Our goal is to get up early and quit driving around 2:00 each day.   That gives us time to get camp setup, make a good dinner, and basically just enjoy the countryside.   Our route paralleled the TN-AL border the last 30 miles so we dropped down just to tag the state.

We found a great camping spot, very quiet and right on the shore of the Tennessee River.  It was a TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) campground at the Pickwick Dam on the Tennessee River.  According to a fellow we spoke with there is a lot of barge traffic up and down the river, there were locks to move boats past the dam.    An alarm sounds every time the locks open, hopefully it doesn’t go off all night.