TransAmerica Trail – Day 9

BeeBee AR to White Mtn NF AR

Best day yet! We got up at 6am and grabbed a quick bite at McDonald’s for breakfast before hopping back on the trail. We were barely out of Beebe before getting back to gravel. Aired down the tires and they stayed like that all day.

The first highlight was coming to the widest river crossing yet. It was beautiful with rock walls all along the shores. There was a narrow rock shelf all the way across so it wasn’t hard but looked really cool. Unfortunately my photographer messed up so no pics. That had me maybe just a little bit grumpy but there was so much cool stuff in the Ozarks I had no choice but to be happy

Next we got lost, I knew exactly where the GPS said we were but that was a mountain away from where the track on my app said we needed to be.  It was my screw up by forgetting to download the daily maps for offline use and the high level base map on the GPS didn’t show anything we were seeing.  We just kept taking trails in the direction we needed to go and drove through some very sketchy roads before coming to to a closed gate and another river. We crossed over and about 20 minutes later we finally hit the trail we were supposed to be on.

Coming out of there was Oark general store which looked like a scene out of Mad Max,  it was quite an eclectic scene that photos can’t capture.   Too bad we’d already already had lunch, this place was making some great looking authentic mountain grub.  Homemade pie!!!

A few miles from there we saw our first actual wild bear run across in front of us. I caught it on the dash cam. Wound up the road a little further and found a really cool rustic campsite at White Rock Mountain. Sitting around the campfire miles from anywhere with one bar of 4G signal, not shabby at all.  The next morning we discovered that there was a Pokestop and gym in the campground, had we found that earlier we may have stayed a couple days.

Should be in Oklahoma tomorrow and need to find somewhere to get an oil change soon.