What is the TransAmerica Trail?

The Trans America Trail (TAT) is a transcontinental, coast to coast route across the United States and consists mostly of dirt roads, logging roads, fire roads, farm roads, unimproved roads, and back paved roads.

GPSKevin Adventure Rides

The TransAmerica Trail is nearly 6000 miles long, it was created by Sam Correro in 1984. Sam’s trail went from from central Virginia to the Oregon coast and his maps were available for purchase. For many years Sam’s maps were the only maps.    Then GPSKevin modified the route to begin in the Outer Banks of North Carolina and we finally had a true coast to coast route.

We bought both map sets so we could have options and tweak the route to our own liking.   Your map choice depends on your reasons for going but in our case we wanted to stay off highways. Our goal was to experience the real America and we succeeded in spades.