TransAmerica Trail – Day 30 FINALE!

Eden NF Campground OR to Port Orford OR

Our last day on the trail Slept in until a leisurely 7:30 and finished off some leftovers to make breakfast burritos. The guys camped nearby had already gone to get an early start to their hunting. There were some dark clouds this morning so we thought we might be in for some rain. In the entire 30 days we’ve been on the trail we’ve only had a turn on the wipers maybe twice and it never rained very long.

We want to finish strong so go right to the dirt and head up a mountain. They aren’t that tall here but you also start at a much lower altitude so it can be a steep climb. The roads this morning we all good gravel, a few spots with washouts but nothing too serious.

The main thing was the trees that had fallen over the road. It appeared they were recently cleared off but for well over an hour we passed through the cut off ends of trees that had just fallen over. Most we about 6″ but a few were larger. They must have either had some strong winds or a lot of rain that weakened the roots.

Just before we got back to pavement and the finale we saw a deer! I’m not sure about the Oregon hunters but we got our deer on opening day

About 15 miles from the end we hit pavement, so sad Made the easy drive into Port Orford Oregon and out to Paradise Point park where we reached the Pacific Ocean. 5608 miles after leaving Hattaras NC on the Atlantic coast we made it to the Pacific!

We camped in our Jeep all but three nights, we cooked all but a handful of our own meals, we listened to the radio one time, we haven’t see TV in over a month. We just talked to each other, and a few times pretended the animals were talking

It has been a richly rewarding trip and the experience tops any other travel we have done in our lives. We’ve seen America from one end to the other, off main street and away from towns and cities. It was an amazing adventure.