TransAmerica Trail – Day 28

Bend OR to NF Campground OR

Two bus loads of teenagers from a church school came into camp last night and had sires all next to us. We left camp around 7am, all the school kids camping around us were up but they were quiet for teenagers. Breakfast and coffee came from McDonald’s. Headed south back to the trail again. Only a couple miles in we came to a locked gate and had to find a new way around, it took a couple attempts but we found our way back to the trail.

Through here a lot of it reminds me of northern Michigan. Dirt roads, pine trees, and logging trucks. Not all that exciting.

A couple hours in it was the warming nicely so we stopped at a trail head for the Pacific Coast Trail, it’s a hiking trail from Mexico to Canada. Not a soul around so we got changed and no sooner finished when a couple dual sport motorcycles pulled up. They had a lot of gear so we asked if they were doing the Trans America Trail too, sure enough they were. The younger guy was from Ireland and the older man was from England. They had shipped their bikes to the USA and had been riding for a month just like us. It was fun sharing some stories of our journeys but in the end I forgot to ask them their names. As we were getting back in the Jeep another guy walked up, he was a hiker from London and had been hiking since May on the Pacific Coast Trail, he was 80% done and figured he’d have to return another time to finish.

After that we left the trail again and detoured to Crater Lake NP, beautiful lake and very photogenic but a drive around the rim was enough to see it.

We left Crater Lake NP and headed west to find gas and some cell coverage. Not much in this area. That done we turned north on a forest road to find tonight’s campsite. One other camper in an old growth pine forest campground. Leftovers tonight and back on the trail tomorrow. We should see the ocean and our final destination the day after tomorrow.