TransAmerica Trail – Day 26/27

LaPine OR to Bend OR

From LaPine we drove north about 30 miles to Bend OR and took a couple days hiatus from driving every day. We found a nice campsite at Tumulo State Park on the Deschutes River.

We were having an issue with the air hose we use to air up the tires, it must have gotten hot and a spot melted near where it connects to the compressor so I decided to make a quick fix. This is where I got stupid! The hose was attached to the side with a ty-wrap and rather than get a proper cutter I used my pocket knife… well a visit to med station and four stitches later we got back to camp and I finished the fix. Dr that stitched me up said people doing dumb things keep him in business 😉

Over our couple days we got out to explore Bend, had some great beers and mostly just relaxed. This area is for sure a do over when we get back to Oregon. It also felt good to take a zero day again and just chill.