TransAmerica Trail – Day 2

Havelock NC

We woke to a foggy morning and because of the fog the gravel roads had an eerie appearance as we began today’s journey. The gravel quickly gave way to long flat two lane roads so as the fog dissipated the drive made us sleepy. We found ourselves travelling through endless fields of cotton and tobacco. Those along with rebel flags are kings in this part of the south. I think I hear banjos!

It was a Saturday on Labor Day weekend so a campground will probably be hard to find. In spite of that we took a turnoff into Baden Recreation area hoping to find a campsite. The campground was full but we were able to use the shower building and get clean anyways.

Baden is a popular Jeep and horseback riding area and because of that we had to drive carefully there were people riding horses and driving Jeeps around every turn. We left Baden and headed back down to the blacktop again.

Lenoir NC

It didn’t look like there would be any camping on the trail ahead and the boring roads sucked so we decided to take a direct route to Lenoir NC. We made dinner in picnic area nearby and then drove to the Walmart for some supplies and another night of camping in a parking lot.