TransAmerica Trail – Day 14

Trinidad CO

Woke up feeling good because we didn’t have to drive today. Last night felt cold it got down in the 50’s and it was a chilly morning until the sun came and warmed things.

Breakfast today was eggs and a can of corned beef hash, we weren’t sure how good the canned stuff would be but it turned out really well.

We lingered around the campground and got the Jeep cleaned out before heading into town for some shopping. Stopped at the first car wash we saw to knock off the dust and then on to Walmart to get groceries for the week ahead.

After shopping we drove back into Trinidad and parked and had some sandwiches before walking around town. Trinidad is full of history but I was surprised by the coal mining background. I didn’t realize they mined coal out in the Rockies. There were lots of galleries and interesting shops. We stopped into one gallery and it was the clerks last day, she and her husband had just bought the town newspaper and were very excited to start a new adventure. She talked on and on about the towns history and what we should check out, she was a great ambassador for Trinidad. We wished her well in her new endevour.

After chatting in the gallery we walked town stopping into several different places. We wandered into the “herbal” side of town where they had probably a dozen different cannibus shops. Found a nice coffee shop but elected to have a beer instead It ended up being a nappy time beer so we headed back to our campsite for a little afternoon siesta.

After a nice nap we met friends and went to a Mexican restaurant in town that had been recommended to us for dinner. It’s a much different style out here than we are used to back home and we really enjoyed it.

We turned in fairly early, the fresh mountain air is making us sleep like babies. It’s been two weeks since we set out from Cape Hatteras!