TransAmerica Trail – Day 11

Pryor OK to Kaws Lake OK

We woke up this morning to find horses wandering the campground!  It turned out that they had escaped from a nearby pen and the owner was our on his quad rounding them up. When we were ready to leave the starter just clicked, the first hiccup we’ve had with the Jeep.   Tried the lithium emergency booster but that didn’t work so the camp host was also out and about and gave me a jump.

I drove about half hour and stopped for gas, figuring that should put some juice back in the battery but again it just clicked when I turned the key.   Luckily this time the booster worked.  We’re heading where a dead battery can be dangerous so a quick Google search found an auto parts store nearby.   Picked up an overpriced AGM battery that hopefully will take care of our problems. 

When doing the swap I must have broken a wire to the air compressor so we had to stop again just to troubleshoot and fix it when I got ready to air up the tires.

More dirt roads but most were pretty smooth. Saw graders a couple times working on them.  Here in Oklahoma they apparently don’t mow the shoulders and the grass grows several feet in height.   I had to slam my brakes hard to avoid 4 deer that jumped out of the tall grass and disappeared on the other side of the road.

Cows in the road that were free range, a couple turtles, a few rivers, and long straight dirt roads, that’s Oklahoma.  Glad we didn’t have rain.

Found a nice campsite right on Kaws Lake tonight for just $10 Very peaceful evening.  It’s another Army Corp campground but not quite as nice as the one on Enid Lake a few nights ago.