TransAmerica Trail – Day 10

White Rock Mtn AR to Pryor OK

We lingered awhile at White Rock Mountain this morning and cooked breakfast, it’s such a nice place we hated to leave.  The temperature got down in the 50’s last night…brrrr!  Left camp and went looking for a gas station, we didn’t get to top off yesterday and on these back roads I don’t like letting it getting much below half a tank.

We made it to where the trail crossed I49 without finding gas so we hopped on the expressway and drove north maybe 20 miles to get gas and a few groceries at a Harps.  First time in a Harps and it was a nice store.

We took a back road out of there to get back on the trail and joined back up near Devils Den State Park.  This must have been where the Mad Max looking group was based because we saw several more. We drove to the camping area and grabbed free showers, that’s a win when overlanding!

After a great shower we continued west into Oklahoma. It really is amazing how every state feels so much different.  In Oklahoma we drove along the Illinois River which was nice but we were tired and quit early. 

We found a nice state park campground on Lake Hudson near Pryor Oklahoma.   For dinner we tried something new, bacon wrapped brats, yummy.