Getting ready for summer.

It’s time to get the Jeep ready for another season of adventure. The first thing on the agenda was to add a tailgate table to help with food prep and organization. Tailgate Table I knew that the tailgate tables you purchase were priced out of my budget so I searched for DIY to see what … Read more

Gear List

People often ask us what we carried with us on our overland trip. We take a minimalist approach to packing for a trip. We modify our basic list for when we’re in a motor home, tent camping, or it’s a hotel trip. Using that experience we created a list of what we wanted to bring … Read more

TransAmerica Trail – Day 1

Cape Hatteras NC We had an early breakfast before breaking camp to go to the ferry. We were in line around 9am for the ferry. The ferry wasn’t even half full, everyone must have been going the other direction toward the island for the Labor Day weekend. The ferry ride to the mainland was 2 … Read more

TransAmerica Trail – Day 2

Havelock NC We woke to a foggy morning and because of the fog the gravel roads had an eerie appearance as we began today’s journey. The gravel quickly gave way to long flat two lane roads so as the fog dissipated the drive made us sleepy. We found ourselves travelling through endless fields of cotton … Read more