TransAmerica Trail – Day 25

Virgin Springs NF campground NV to LaPine OR No axe murderers came during the night! We woke up before the sun was out yet, probably because I was worried all night about finding gas. Temperature was in the upper 20’s and we got a little cold over night. Really cool watching the steam rising off … Read more

TransAmerica Trail – Day 26/27

LaPine OR to Bend OR From LaPine we drove north about 30 miles to Bend OR and took a couple days hiatus from driving every day. We found a nice campsite at Tumulo State Park on the Deschutes River. We were having an issue with the air hose we use to air up the tires, … Read more

TransAmerica Trail – Day 28

Bend OR to NF Campground OR Two bus loads of teenagers from a church school came into camp last night and had sires all next to us. We left camp around 7am, all the school kids camping around us were up but they were quiet for teenagers. Breakfast and coffee came from McDonald’s. Headed south back to … Read more

TransAmerica Trail – Day 29

NF Campground to Eden NF Campground OR Once again we were up to see the sunrise, made some coffee and grabbed a couple English muffins before getting back on the trail. We were only a couple miles from the campground when we came to a deep washout where a drainage pipe went under the road … Read more