Getting ready for summer.

It’s time to get the Jeep ready for another season of adventure. The first thing on the agenda was to add a tailgate table to help with food prep and organization.

Tailgate Table

I knew that the tailgate tables you purchase were priced out of my budget so I searched for DIY to see what others had done. theksmith documented his DIY table build complete with detailed dimensions and parts list in a forum post. It looked perfect for our needs so I decided to use what material I had on hand to build one. The only thing I really had to order was the hinges.

Backsplash that attaches to the tailgate.
This is the table that folds down. Both table and backplash are made from some 3/8 plywood I had on hand and painted gloss black.

Galley Kitchen

The kitchen we had in the Jeep functioned great on our TransAmerica Trail adventure last fall but it needed a few tweaks. It was a bit too wide to slide in and out of the Jeep easily. Once in it was fine but it had to be turned sideways to put in and out and we wanted to make it easier to pull out so we trimmed the width by an inch. We also didn’t paint it originally so we painted the entire thing gloss black to blend in and to add some protection.

Disassembled, sanded, and reassembled the entire galley.
Reinstalled the kitchen in the Jeep and began to pack in our gear so we’re ready to leave on a moments notice. The new paint blends nicely. The screwdriver holding the fridge slide in place is temporary, I had misplaced the hold down.
CTEK DC to DC charger to charge the second batter off the main one while the Jeep is running. The main advantage is that it only uses a 10 gauge wire to the front and has a built in MPPT charge controller so when I get a solar panel it will just plug right in.
House battery is a 105 amp hour Duracell AGM