Gear List

People often ask us what we carried with us on our overland trip. We take a minimalist approach to packing for a trip. We modify our basic list for when we’re in a motor home, tent camping, or it’s a hotel trip. Using that experience we created a list of what we wanted to bring along for the TAT trip. I don’t pay much attention to the “bring everything but the kitchen sink” lists of gear you see in all the forums. We buy top of the line for some things while for other items the generic brand is fine.


Most of our clothing was packed into cloth EXcubes, two for Rusty and three for Libby. Items we wore around camp got stuffed under a back seat. Bulky items went into the Trasharoo on the back of the Jeep.

Shirt – short sleeve32EZCube
Shirt – long sleeve11EZCube
Shirt – long sleeve compression11EZCube
Shirt – button light weight coverup11EZCube
Hiking Pants – quick dry11EZCube
Water Shoes11Trasharoo
Hiking Boots11Trasharoo
Winter coat11Trasharoo
Sweatshirt11Under Backseat
Fleece11Under Backseat
Swim suit11EZCube
Sleeping shorts/shirt11EZCube
Gloves11Under Backseat
Sweatpants11Under Backseat
Shower shoes11Under Backseat

Kitchen Gear:

Aluminum foilOil, Vegatable
Bottle openerPaper plates
Bread TotePaper towel
Can openerPot holders
Cast Iron PanPropane spares
Cast Iron pan with lidSalt & Pepper
Coffee potServing spoon
Cook Stove, PropaneSilverware – plastic
Cooking spicesSilverware – real forks & knives
Cooking SpraySmall Frying Pan
Dish panSpatula
Dish soap, biodegradableStorage bags
French PressTongs
Knife, largeTrash Bags, Medium
Knife, ParingTravel mugs
Large Pot with lidWater Jug

Food Items

Everyone has different taste in food, this list is more or less what we started out with. We bought fresh or local every few days as we traveled so it changed often.

Beef StewMiracle Whip
Canned FoodsMustard
CreamoraPeanut Butter
Deli SaladPeppers
Elbow MacaroniRelish
Hash BrownsSalty snacks
Hot SauceSpaghetti Sauce

Bed and Bath

Body WashToilet Paper
Body WipesTooth Paste
DeodorantToothbrush charger
Hair towelToothbrushes
Hand soapTowels
Laundry BagPillows
RazorSleeping Bags

Camping Gear and Electronics

2×2 Aluminum Folding TableReading Glasses
2×4 Folding TableScissors
BackpackSewing Kit
Entrenching ShovelSpare glasses
Extension cordSunglasses
Fan 12 voltCamera Chargers
Flashlights, Large and 2-SmallCameras
Outside Chairs-2Cell Phone Cables
Rain PonchosCell Phones
UmbrellaComputer Laptop
BinocularsComputer Power Cord – 110V
Bug SprayEarphones
Butane LighterExtra AA Cell Batteries
Clothes PinGPS
Mechanix GlovesMouse
Pens and PencilsTripod

Everything Else

In addition to everything above we had a small first aid kit attached just inside the rear door by velcro. This is one area I feel we could have beefed up some. Make sure to have plenty of tylenol, ibuprofen, immodium, tums, band aids and all those normal things you’d take on any road trip.

Tools were the last thing we packed but I’ll make a separate post for them.